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Earth Bin® - 4 Bin Set with Free Tote Bag

Earth Bin® - 4 Bin Set with Free Tote Bag


BEST VALUE! A set of four Earth Bins® with a free tote bag


Earth Bins® are lightweight folding bins that replace approximately 5 to 7 plastic grocery bags each & can hold up to 50lbs of groceries each.


These convenient bins keep groceries securely in place as they are carried home. Just imagine. No more loose groceries rolling around your trunk as you drive home. They have been designed to easily fit into a standard-sized shopping cart.


    Each Earth Bin® is made from durable corrugated polypropylene, which is naturally insulated and helps keep your cold items cold all the way home.

    They are easy to keep clean by simply wiping with a wet cloth. Bins can also be sprayed with a disinfectant to eliminate any risk of cross-contamination.

    Using your Earth Bins® will keep approximately 1460 plastic bags from entering landfills every year (the average usage for a family of four in the U.S.). In the process, you'll help reduce the demand for oil and your personal environmental impact, while setting an earth-first example to others around you.

    Additionally, when you purchase a set of Earth Bins®, you help support The Cleaner Earth Project in our initiative to create a cleaner earth for you and future generations.

    Also available in a two-bin set that includes a FREE tote bag with your order!

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