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Plastic bags, and other single-use plastics, represent a huge threat to our environment. They clog our landfills, pollute our oceans, poison our soil, waterways & food chain and kill thousands of animals that mistake them for food.



One of the biggest problems with plastic bags, and other single-use plastics, is that they do not biodegrade; they photodegrade, which means they break down into smaller and smaller toxic bits that leach into, and contaminate, our soil & waterways. 

Plastic bags, and other single-use plastics, also:


  • Stay in the environment for hundreds of years while they break down

  • Get into the food chain through animals that ingest small particles of plastic

  • Waste energy and non-renewable resources during the manufacturing process

  • Kill an estimated 100,000 marine animals each year


Ask yourself...Is the average twelve minutes of convenience that a plastic bag gives you REALLY worth the years of pollution and damage it causes? Is it?



To drastically reduce the number of single-use plastics polluting our soil, waters and food chain through public education and personal action.

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